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Business management systems built on the Kaizen principles of continuous improvement.

Most companies see the value of regulations in business. But let’s be honest – it can be a bit of a mine-field out there. And some aren’t sure how to manage a business through these waters. Even some CEOs aren’t clear on the full extent of what’s required of them by law. Not knowing is not an excuse. You are still liable for non-compliance under these regulations. KaizenSHEQ are a team of professionals who know – and understand – these regulations.Health and safety, environmental management and quality management are the main compliance issues facing companies in South Africa. These are the core SHEQ standards. But aside from what you should be doing legally – we help in a practical way. For instance, our team are well versed with Lean Manufacturing protocols. Based on the Japanese Kaizen principles of continual improvement, we employ business management systems that work for you, and help you to make money and stay afloat – no matter the business you are in.

  • IRCA Lead Auditor


  • IRCA Lead Auditor

    OHS 18001

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Meet the Team

Bruce and Michelle
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Bruce Mills

Chief Operating Officer
Specialities: Quality management systems, health and safety systems, Hazchem handling, Environmental Management systems and business performance analyst (QMS). Designing and developing Incident Investigation kits for Safety and Health practitioners to comply with GAR 9 of the South African OSH Act. These are customised to end user requirements and include a proprietary guide book for user memory jogging.
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Michelle Mills

Managing Director
Marketing, Website, Finance, Administration and I.T.

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